Project Mayhem Den Mother

29 October 1975
Austin, Texas, United States
Interests: (150)
80s rock, altars, amphibians, animal rights, apocalyptica, aquariums, art, astrology, austin, auto repair, bahamas, baking bread, bassists, big dogs, birds, camping, candles, caribbean, carpentry, cats, caudates, cello, chakras, classical, crafting, creation, crochet, crystal lore, dancing, decorating, divination, diy, drawing, dreams, drum circle, drumming, durga, earth, ecology, ecstatic ritual, eddie izzard, egyptology, elthia, energy work, environmentalism, feminism, feng shui, fire, firefly, fixing cars, forests, full moons, gaian tarot, gardening, geek girls, gemstones, goddess, guitar, harry potter, heavy metal, henna, herbalism, hiking, hindu deities, home decor, homemade body care, houseplants, ice cream, india, interior decorating, jam, jewelry making, kali, laughter, lavender, lilith, liquid cheese, lord of the rings, lost, magic, magical herbalism, meditation, mehndi, merlot, mexican food, moon, morocco, movies, muscle cars, music, musicals, mythology, natural magic, nature, newts, nuit, oceans, oils, organic, orgasms, paganism, painting, peace, photography, pirates, plants, poking badgers with spoons, power tools, pro-choice, queen of shadows, rain, recorder, religion, rhinoceroses, ritual, rumi, sarah mclachlan, sarongs, scorpio, serenity, sewing, sex, singing, spirituality, star trek, stargate, stargate atlantis, stones, supernatural, tarot, tattoos, the earth, the moon, the ocean, the sea, thunderstorms, tolkein, tori amos, tornadoes, trees, tropical plants, true blood, vampires, video games, water, weather, witchcraft, witches, women's rights, womyn

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